Wild Posy Co.

A spirited duo of floral artists based in Mackay.

The Client

Founded by Jody & Tiarna, Wild Posy Co. blossomed from a shared passion for creativity and a love for nature's beauty. With a whimsical approach to floral design, they craft bespoke creations in Mackay, enchanting the senses and celebrating special moments.

The Challenge

Wild Posy Co. faced significant challenges with their previous website, which was not functioning correctly. They were not receiving order emails, and the website was unable to process any orders. This led to frustration and a substantial loss of potential business, as customers were unable to complete purchases. The technical issues were not only impacting their revenue but also their reputation, as they struggled to provide a seamless and reliable online shopping experience for their customers.

The Solution

We developed a custom e-commerce application tailored specifically for Wild Posy Co. This new platform ensured reliable email notifications for every order and streamlined the entire ordering process This new platform resolved their technical issues, streamlined online sales management, and enhanced customer experience, boosting both revenue and satisfaction.

Jody Jackson

Jody Jackson


What Wild Posy Co Says

Derek and Chloe have always been more than accommodating with advice regarding my business website. When we were finally ready to make the leap over to Adonis; Derek had it moved over within a few hours and our (massive) inbox was moved within a few days.
Derek is knowledgeable and understands the importance of tailoring your website and marketing to suit the needs of your business (there is no one size fits all approach).

Domain Rebrand

Wild Posy Co. made a strategic move to enhance their online presence by transitioning their domain from wildposyco.com to wildposy.co, aiming for a streamlined and memorable identity that aligns with their creative ethos.

The new domain not only simplifies their web address but also reinforces their brand as distinctive and modern within the floral industry. 

wildposyco.com  wildposy.co

Wild Posy Co New Website

Website Redesign

The Wild Posy Co. website features a beautifully crafted design that perfectly captures the essence of their brand. The homepage is visually stunning, showcasing vibrant floral arrangements and detailed images that immediately draw the viewer in.

The layout is clean and elegant, with an intuitive navigation system that makes it easy for customers to explore the various offerings, from Mother's Day specials to wedding florals and workshops. The use of high-quality images and a soft colour palette creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, enhancing the overall user experience.

The seamless integration of e-commerce functionality ensures that customers can effortlessly place orders and enjoy a smooth shopping experience. This thoughtful design not only highlights the artistry of Wild Posy Co. but also reflects their commitment to providing exceptional service and exquisite floral creations.

The Results

The implementation of the custom e-commerce application transformed Wild Posy Co.'s online business. The new website eliminated technical issues, ensuring that order emails were received promptly and orders could be processed smoothly.

This resulted in a significant increase in online sales and customer satisfaction. The intuitive design and seamless functionality improved user experience, leading to more repeat customers and positive reviews. Overall, the custom solution not only boosted revenue but also enhanced Wild Posy Co.'s reputation as a reliable and creative florist in Mackay.

  • Resolved Technical Issues
  • Increased Online Sales
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved User Experience
  • Enhanced Reputation

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